Friendly Advice

Do you break up with someone because they missed a spot on your back while applying sunscreen? I mean, they're obviously trying to give you cancer. It's passive agressive abuse. And that's exactly what I told my friend Anna this weekend. I told her she best dump that cute, bright achaeologist, who dotes on her. He's totally playing her. Eventually, those meals he cooks her are going to be very hot. Hot enough to scold the roof of her mouth. Soon, the evening outs will last until dawn, sleep deprivation lowers a person's resistance to virus. Yeah, he'll try to get her sick so he can take care of her and have all the control.

She thought it was just an accident and shouldn't bother getting angry. She said he felt bad and bought her ice cream and played skeet ball with her when he found out.

I said, "fine." What can I do? Abused women are so in denial.