Wasn't born yesterday

Yesterday morning at work I discovered a piece of chocolate on my desk. It was part of a larger hunk of chocolate and the portion on my desk was wrapped in the original packaging. I asked the cube dwellers around me if someone had shared there chocolate with me, there wasn't really a response.
It occurred to me that these people don't like me and they thought it would be funny to poison a piece of chocolate and see what happens to the temp. Well, I wasn't going to die for their amusement--if I die for anyone's amusement it will be for a paying audience. So, after staring at the candy for most of the day I threw out the deadly chocolate. One more day of life for me, take that you suits!

I didn't reach 28 by luck. I'm on to all of you. My demise will not be served under flourescent lights!


Jess said…
Jesse would have eaten it, but I approve of your choice!