Is God Living in the Greater Green Bay, WI area?


  It is a shame that the first temple of Jerusalem was destroyed way back when in the olden days before my parents were born. According to folklore that temple was where the actual name of god was written down.  Now back then usb drives were hard to come by so these Jews didn't back up their work.  Next thing you know the Babylonians burned the whole temple down and with it  the actual name of god. Doh! Always back up your work.

     I bring this up, not because Yom Kippur is on the horizon but because without that name on the temple walls we can't be 100% certain that Aaron Rodgers is the name of God. Though, of course we know that it is.  A side question is what did those Semitic people think looking at the strange yet to be invented English text etched into their temple wall?

    How do we know Aaron Rodgers is god? Easy all the religious texts tell us that god makes us better. Aaron Rodgers makes his team better especially his receivers.  When Aaron touches the football with his godly hands his receivers catch the ball. They could never catch the ball if it hadn't been touched by god himself.  Green Bay receivers Running routes, getting separation, practicing their catching with the Jugs machine is moot, it is Aaron Rodgers that makes these men great -- makes America great.

     Skeptics and atheist will say then why doesn't Aaron Rodgers have 100% completion rate and why has he only won one Super Bowl?  First, he doesn't touch the ball on defense. Since God is good God won't break the rules and be the 12th man on the field when it's the defense's turn, plus god isn't a ball hog, he is good guy. Secondly, god works in mysterious ways. And he must have reason for not completing all his passes and only winning one Superbowl despite being god.

     Skeptics might also say that maybe the receivers and offensive line are good on their own without the guidance of the Almighty Jehovah. No. I've watched Eli Manning play football, he is from New Orleans home of Voodoo and therefore the devil. I've seen Eli Manning hit receivers in the hands and watch as those receivers let the ball fall to the ground. Sometimes the receivers are hit the hands and they tip it up in the air,  so the other team may posses the ball. Why? Because running with the devil has never made anyone better.

Maybe voodo can win you some championships-make a ball stick to a helmet, but it will never make you God.  There is only one true god. (unless you believe in some polytheistic religion _that just seems really inefficient. If you have two quarterbacks you have no quarterbacks, if you have 10 gods do you any gods? Or anytime for you?) The one true god's name was written on that temple wall long ago, that name is Aaron Rodgers.  Without him perhaps no one would catch a football.