Don't buy Kitchenaid Appliances

Be Warned!

My Kitchenaid (parent company Whirlpool) oven and gas range stove has crapped out on me.  My KSGB900E model was bought 13 months ago, only for the mother board to crap out. Really? A major home appliance that costs $2000 is only good for one month past their warranty.  It feels like a mafia racket.  "Hey we'll sell you this oven, but then you either pay protection money, buy the very pricey extended warranty,  or you can just pay exuberant prices for parts replacement. You know those parts we make with near slave labor for like 5 cents somewhere across the globe. We mark them up 1000 percent. Either way, little homeowner you're gonna be payin' us for the rest of your life."

I mean it's a stove and oven, it just sits in the kitchen and heats things up, it should last for, I don't know, ever. Or at least 10 years.  It's not like I got drunk carried the thing downstairs and used it as a sled to ride down the hill I live on.

I called Kitchenaid. The service representative was very nice. I won't use his/her name in case the company likes to fire low level employees willy nilly. I wouldn't put it past them. The best they could do was cover those cheap ass replacement parts but I have to pay for the service call.

If you're rich I recommend buying a cast iron oven, no dumb ass computers that are programmed to fail so they can keep bleeding you dry. If you're middle class I reccomend not buying a Whirlpool appliance, because they don't stand by their work. Try finding a stove/range that does not have computer parts.

I feel like now I have to call my congressman and ask for an investigation to see if Whirlpool purposely programs their appliance computers to malfunction so they can bleed the American consumer dry.

Side note, if you look around the internet you'll see that if you use the self cleaning feature on Kitchenaid ovens you'll ruin you're whole unit. Thankfully, we never tried this. BEWARE!!!


Robert said…
Kitchenaid appliances are garbage!!! Our microwave began giving us problems w/in the first year. It finally just completely stopped working yesterday. I called customer service and they could care less. Worst customer service I've ever encountered. I will never buy another Kitchenaid product and will tell everyone I know, meet, the same. Complete junk that is cheaply manufactured. Should not be in business. Can't believe how badly I was scammed by this terrible business. New mission is to make sure to let people know they have other choices and not to purchase this crap.
rachael said…
Good for you, man. I called my congressman's office. His assistant directed me to leave a complaint with FTC. Which I did. I also, tried contacting the lawyer who handled the class action suit against Whirlpool because their ovens wouldn't unlock. He did not get back to me. I have to admit after that I dropped the ball some.
Good luck in your endeavors.