Our Coddled Youth

Rumor has it that all the kids today get trophies just for trying and all the kids are on psych meds. You'll here people my age and older say things like, "Ahh! When I was a kid you had to earn your trophies. And yeah we got picked on, but you nutted up, even if you were a girl, dealt with it. " This is said as if our suffering has made us well adjusted. Listen, I never went to therapy or ever got a trophy I didn't actually win. (Well there was that one karate trophy I won because the other girls got disqualified for hitting me in the head--but hey, man, there are rules.) And you know what I'm a 32 year old woman who sleeps with a night light and 6 foot stick next to her bed. I have a horrible fear of the dark or what adults call insomnia. I've traveled 1900 miles to "run into" fella.

I know another person who never had any Riddlein on a child. He never got undeserved praise or trophies. That person was Hitler. Sure he was a highly motivated man who got a lot done, but think about how things could have been different if someone just once said to little Adolf, "That's a great picture you painted. I think you're special for trying."

When we got our panties in a bunch about how ridiculous today's children are raised just remember that at one point in history there were old folks bemoaning the youth they saw before them, "Acch! These kids have it so easy. They all go to school every day. When I was a kid you worked in a factory and lost a limb or two limbs. You couldn't read but god damn it your could earn."

And trust me these kids today don't have it so easy. With all the hormones that are in the food they ingest these kids are getting their periods at 5 and 6 years old, and that's just the boys. Think about how hard it is to learn how to use a maxi-pad while learning to potty train. I know in our day we were potty trained by 2 years old, but the kids today all have autism.