31 going on 5

I just celebrated my 31st birthday this past weekend. A friend was kind enough to by my a birthday gift. When he handed me the wrapped rectangular box, the kind of box that clothing typically comes in, I thought oh he must of wrapped a book or dvd or some kind of toy type thing in this clothing box. I took the box into my hands. It weighed hardly anything. Concern blanketed my aura. My hands lightly shook the box. Nothing rattled around in the box. Trying to mask disappointment I tried to put cheer in my voice as I asked, "It's clothes?"

"Yes," was his reply, "I hope you like it."

I gave a smile to my friend, but on the inside I whined, "Oh man! Clothes. That's no fun. I was hoping it was a bike or a piece of electronic equipment. At least a frisbee." Yes, I had the same reaction I had as a child when "Santa" would bring me boxes of clothes. I know that I'm not much taller than a child but I found quite amusing that my maturity hasn't grown much either.

I unwrapped the box to find a lovely black, knit sweater. Oncee the temperature drops I'm sure to wear it repeatedly. You know how us kids just wear our favorite shirt again and again and again until we out grow it or it disintergrates.