How were you raised?

In general parents try to raise their children to be both honest and polite. Unfortunately, there are times when we can't be both we have to choose. Like when someone tells you that they love you and you don't love them back. "I love you," he or she says. What do you do? Are you polite, "I love you too and you look great in that outfit?" Or are you honest, "Uh huh. Great. Thanks. Also you might want to think about a hair cut." It turns out I'm not so polite. But on the upside I'm very very honest.

Well, I can be extremely polite when the person declaring their love for me is my childless aunt/godmother who has a nice little house in Florida. "I love you so much Aunt Marrilyn. There is no need for you to take me out of your will. There is no one I love more. I think you're absolutely great. You're not just my favorite aunt I think you're my favorite person, ever." As any politician will tell you it's not always necessary to be 100% honest.