The Breath of Love

My best friend Anna and I were hanging out the other day and like always I was given an earful of wisdom I can't find anywhere else. Here is how she sees it.

You know, Rachael, I figured it out finally. You know how you and I for years have believed that friendships are more significant than romantic relationships? I never understood how anyone could see it differently. But finally I get it. A person can be a friend with someone with bad breath, but you can't date someone with bad breath. I mean, there they are lying next you in bed their mouth agape. Rhythmically air gets blown into your face (warm, humid, sticky air) as you're trying to sleep. That's bad enough but now think if that air is filled with the stench of digested onions. Let's face it dating is smelly endeavor and either you luck into finding yourself an unscented individual or you've got to just be friends.

Do you see? Your friends are sleeping and breathing on you. They're not asking you to kiss their odiferous microbe filled mouth. And if you do have to have close corridors conversation, say at loud bar, you can give them gum. But gum doesn't cover morning breath and gum can't be chewed while sleeping, and gum can't be chewed while making out.

I think that's it. I think the true power of love is almost a super power. Love has the ability to turn halitosis and regular body odor in flowers and moonbeams, or even better no scent at all.