After four years of living in my apartment here in Brooklyn I'm moving out and moving on. Exactly where I'm moving onto has yet to be determined which is a shame because my stuff will be gone on December 20th and I'll hand in my keys December 31st. My boyfriend Jack has repeatedly asked me to move in with him. He figures we've been dating for almost 10 years perhaps it's time we co-habitate. I can't do that though. I need to be married first before I live with a guy with whom I'm romantically involved. So of course my loving, and fearless of commitment boyfriend suggested we get married. Which would be fine, except I've already promised my friend James that I'd marry him. That wedding is set to take place sometime in 2016. Which my boyfriend Jack knows about and has supported. My boyfriend believes in helping friends in their time of need and James is need of knowing he won't die alone. Though James and I have discussed moving up the wedding date no actual actions have been made to make that a reality.

Basically, I need to find an apartment because I can't move in with my boyfriend Jack until I'm married to James. Once married I will no longer be a harlot living in sin. Some suggest I'll be a harlot for carrying on with someone who is not my husband, but James and are not vowing monogamy, hell we're not even vowing to sleep with one another.

In closing let me know if you know someone who needs a roommate where sex and romance are off the table because I clearly have a full plate in that regard. (I love mixing kitchen metaphors)