If I'm Going to Die Let Me Be Drunk

According to an NPR radio report there has been debate on how to interpret the data of a British Medical Study. The scientist studied the effects of wine as it relates to breast cancer. The first report said women drinking a glass of wine a day are 11% more likely to get cancer than those who abstained from drinking altogether. Later the data was reviewed and other scientist said this whole thing was misreported and that it really is just a 1% increase in a woman's chances for breast cancer.

My response to all of this is "Really?" We're worried about the effects of wine or chocolate on our health. Humans have been getting drunk since we were monkeys finding fermented fruit on the jungle ground. There are hormones in our drinking water, carbon monoxide in the air, crazy polyimers in the ground, and e. coli in our food; I say we might as well get our drink on now, because by the time we're doing our chemo-cocktails we won't have the strength to be drunk anymore.