Stop Crime! Raise Revenue! I Should Run For Office!

If you haven't gotten a traffic violations ticket through the mail you probably don't drive. Or, you are actually a good driver. Or ,you're really smart and have developed a device (that I'm sure Batman has on his car) that covers you're license plate as you drive through intersections. Or, you live somewhere where they haven't installed the cameras-like Kansas or Tennessee. (You, know someplace where the government has decided to first send the swine flu virus vaccination just in case it doesn't work or worse kills people. These places don't have traffic cameras that could record the carnage the vaccine has racked on the population as the suddenly unconscious drivers crash.)

The traffic cameras are great. They are supposed to prevent traffic violations and give tickets to people they can't fight (even if they were not driving the car) which raises revenue for the state or city without politicians having to raise taxes. You'll also notice that cops country wide of placed surveillance cameras about towns to capture criminal acts on film. Granted not much revenue is garnered from these other cameras but we're catching criminals making the streets safer. The problem with these cameras is we, the general non-crime committing public, don't have access to the footage of ourselves captured, so we can't upload it to our Facebook profile. Maybe one day that will be rectified.

But here's my proposal. Since most crimes happen in corporate offices and big bank offices, why not set up cameras in these offices. I know most cities and states are broke so we'll just take the cameras from the streets and put them in bank offices and coal companies offices, and Monsanto offices, etc. and every time they violate a law we'll send them a ticket that requires them to pay a fine every time they insider trade or send oil prices sky high with speculation, or dump waste into our water. We don't like putting these people in jail anyway, so we'll fine them. The money raised will go to paying off China. Or whatever. We're a democracy we should vote on what we want to do with our new wealth. Maybe big screen televisions for everyone. We'll have to talk about it.