There is a Future for Some

There are people out there, including Ross something or other from the NY Times, asking Obama not to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. I say these people are selfish and idiotic. They reason that Obama should accept the award because he did nothing to earn it. So what? As if these columnists and pundits earned their jobs. Most of them I'm sure knew a guy who knew a guy.

Meanwhile, one day Obama won't be President anymore. He's going to go out there and have to find a job. And if things don't change with the job market by the time he leaves office he's going to find that jobs are hard to nab. He's got to start padding his resume now. If he rebukes the Nobel Prize than he can't put it on his resume. The Nobel Prize could be the item that puts him over the top for a job in the future, especially, if he and Bill Clinton are competing for the same position. While rejecting the award shows Obama as "Not a team player." How many people find employment by declaring at the interview, "Yeah, I'm a loner. I like it if people leave me alone. If you have a task for me please send request via email or if you must inter-office mail, but make sure the inter office envelope is delivered after 5pm when I'm sure not to be there. Yes, that's right I leave at 5pm on the dot every workday. I don't get paid to stay later."

All I'm saying is that as medicine advances keeping people former presidents alive longer, and as democracy spreads creating more former Prime Ministers and Presidents the competition for jobs for these politicians is fierce and Nobel prize could make all the difference for Obama in 3-7 years.