Abbra Ca Dabbra: Magic.

I'm a lost soul wandering the earth, mostly from room to room in my apartment (that is the cheapest way to wander and of course it exposes you to a minimal amount weather.) I thought it was time to find some direction. Perhaps, out of my door onto the streets, maybe even a place where people would pay me money.

But I found I couldn't leave. From my research, which encompassed watching TV and listening to the radio, I learned things are crazy out there. All you have to do to succeed is keep telling yourself you'll be successful. All you have to do to get an enemy shot is just use words that evoke violent images. The whole time you're saying things to change the environment you won't be paying attention and you'll get hit by a bus. If you're knocked unconscious or knocked dead you won't be able to say anything to change your predicament. You'd have to hope a doctor knew enough to state that you'll recover.

No no no. Having direction is very dangerous.