Religious Beliefs Hiding out in the Empty Closet

For all you Atheists out there let me give you some advice. Don't go telling people you're an atheist. It's all very simple. If you tell people you're an atheist and then random fate forbid something bad happens to a person you know (examples, cancer, car crash, death of a spouse etc.) what do you say to them. Non-atheist (including the non-committal spiritualists and Universal Unitarians) can say my thoughts and prayers are with you. What are you going to say my thoughts are with you? What are you some sort of obsessed stalker? That's not comforting. Or is that your thoughts have magical powers? So you don't believe in god but you believe in super powers. No way. It's not going to fly. You could try saying "I know everything is going to work out for the best." How do you know? Is god talking to you? If god is, you sure aren't listening.

No man if you just keep your mouth shut about the idea of god making absolutely no sense, then you get to say, "My thoughts and prayers are with you." Not only does it seem caring and solemn. It also seems like you're taking action on behalf the injured. Otherwise you spend your day baking brownies and making gift baskets, which will be resented because of the high calorie count. And while your diligently baking and curling ribbons those Deists are done and putting extra time in the office kissing way more of the boss's ass and making that promotion happen for themselves.

It really is just better to lie and say the polite socially acceptable thing. It's not like some god is going to smote you for lying.