Spec Commercial

In these hard economic times I'm thinking of changing professions. I thought maybe I could venture into the world of Advertising. I present to you my faithful readers my spec ad campaign, well not a campaign just a commercial, and not really spec this is just the idea, I'm not going out and shooting this thing. Don't let my lack of work ethic on this project dissuade from my committment to a career in advertising.

The product: Desenex

Use: Cures Athlete's foot and Jock Itch

The commercial will be a jingle type of commercial as well as a song parody. The music will be from "Venus" the song made popular for my generation by Bananarama. For those not familiar with the song I have included the music video at the end of this post.

Opening shot a man at the beach swimming in the ocean.

The ladies sing,
"You went swimming in the ocean all day/ Your trunks never dried don't dismay"

Cut to the Ladies dancing with their backs to us but their heads turned to the camera as they sing,
"We've got it, ooo baby we've got it."

Then crotch shot of a man

"I'm your penis/ I'm on fire/cure from this mire"

The ladies spin round and we see they are holding canisters of Desenex.

The pitch man's voice speaks over the scene,
"Desenex extinquishes penis fires." (that aren't viral or bacterial...just fungal)