Feminism Didn't Think of Everything: Let Her Sit Down.

     I know I know I know. All people are beautiful. Hollywood and Madison Avenue's definitions aren't going to limit our definition of beauty. 

     Yielding to that point to all y'all. I maintain that most people don't want to be called fat or overweight or obese or gerthful. And you know what?  I am guessing despite us knowing that we are all beautiful inside and out no matter our appearance we wouldn't go up to someone and say, "Hey fatty, how is it going?" Unless of course fatty was the person's name (I'm sure it's Gaelic somehow.)  or some ironic nickname. 

     My point? Offer up your seat when you see a woman standing up on the subway or, if you live in a non-mass transit area,  any place where seating is limited.  We must go back to this antiquated custom  of giving up our seat to a lady if we want to avoid having to make judgement calls about who is fat and who is pregnant. What we do know is that a man is just fat he is not possibly pregnant--Science hasn't come that far yet, and if does I doubt men will ever take Science up on the offer. 

     Now, if you have a retail job, or bartending gig, or a job as a security guard at a museum wear your uniform when you're riding mass transit.   Donning your work clothes will let us all know you stand for a living and the rest of us will give you a pass for not giving up your seat for a lady. 

      So if you don't want to open a door or pull out a chair or walk on the street side of the sidewalk (or is it the building side?) if you don't want to pick up the check for dinner, if you don't want to let the ladies into the life-raft of a sinking ship first, or help her with her coat. Fine. But get your ass up because she might be pregnant.  Yes, even that 80 year old looking lady because science has come that far, and you don't know, she could just be a 40 year old with bad posture who refuses to dye her hair.

     Let's spare people's feelings and pretend everyone is with child. Can I get an Amen?