Go Democracy!

Today is Election Day here in the good ole U.S. of A. And millions of people will vote. While others of millions won’t vote. It has been proposed by a person or two that we should change Election Day to the first Saturday of the month so that more people in America would vote. These weekend election day advocates believe that a large majority of those not voting are not voting because they have to go to work.

I have a counter proposition. Why not just make Election Day a national holiday where we all get off from work and school. First off, there are people who work on Saturdays such as bankers, transit workers, bartenders, comedians, actors, rock and rollers, computer movers, illegal immigrants etc. Second, people who work merely weekdays aren’t going to waste their weekend voting. 9-5ers need to drink, be hung over, and do yard work on their weekends. Third, a complete national day off would allow those undecided voters to finally have time to research the candidates and make a choice. Life is hectic and we all love to procrastinate. If we had a day off from work we could get a good night’s rest (better to make a decision when rested), do our political homework that we didn’t do for the past year, and then go out and vote. There’d still be time for a beer to celebrate Democracy! And if we learned anything this election cycle. Real Americans love beer typically six packs of beer.

I say real real true Americans love a day off of work. A day off from work is freedom and America means freedom. Freedom means voting and voting can only happen if we have the first Tuesday off in November each year. If you don’t agree with me you’re obviously a facist.