Reflections on 2008 Presidential Election

I think the truly historic presidential election will be when we Americans vote for a self proclaimed Atheist.

Anyone else pissed that the Green Party spoiled this election for Nader. I think Nader would have won if the Greens hadn’t siphoned votes away. Nader was against the $700 Billion bail out way before Mckinnley (The Green Party Candidate) I’d say hours before.

When old-time black people and old civil rights activist were asked if they believed they’d ever live to see the day of an African American or bi-racial person get elected President of the U.S. They all said, “No.” Not only did they not believe most of them did not envision this future either. I wonder if it was just enough that Oprah had read “The Secret” and was able to project this outcome for the rest of us.

Can someone explain to me how PBS and Jim Lehrer were able to call report the results of the election without phones ringing in the background, intern types scattered to the sides and behind him with laptops. Lehrer’s special election show and none of the frenetic energy that Couric or the ABC guy had on their shows. Don’t you need phones ringing off the hook and crazy ass graphics to report on a presidential election? PBS must use quiet witchcraft.

President Bush has invited Obama to the White House. If I were Obama I wouldn’t go. Especially if Cheney is going to be there. Barak, politely decline and then go into hiding for a few days.

We really have voted for change. For the first time we have an Ivy League educated man who has gone to Law School elected President. He’s the first one who has ever raised millions of dollars from all sorts of big businesses, lobbyists, and special interests. I think it’s all going to be so different now.


Christina said…
This lonely Nader girl feels quite let down.