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I just did the math. Granted I have a United State public school education, but according my figures we've bailed out the wrong people.

We have a little over 300,000,000 people in this country. Approximately 28% of them are under 18 which gives you about 200,000,000 adults. If we pay all our adults $75,000 for the year that would cost $15 trillion, which is slightly more than the $700 billion we're paying a few banks and insurance companies who are evil, corrupt, and apparently incompotent. Then people could fix the mess many have gotten themselves into (though I'd say a smaller percentage of Americans have screwed up their finances than the percentage of financial institutions who have screwed up their financial situations). Americans would pay off their debts, thereby infusing banks and mortgage brokers with money, and at the same time keeping people in their homes and their cars. And if still the mamoth institutions went under, well, who cares? There would still be consumers instead of destitute, heartbroken, dejectected ready to riot populace.

I'm just saying.


Anonymous said…
72% of 300 million = 216 million

15 trillion is 21.4285714 times larger than 700 billion.

I just did the math.
rachael said…
My mistake at the time of the posting I had yet to hear the truth is we have spent nearly 8 trillion dollars bailing banks and companies out, even though, we have yet to spend all of the 700 billion we designated for the latest bailout. Credit markets are still frozen and people are still losing their homes and joblessness is still on the rise. My plan then is only double the money spent.
But thanks for stopping by and being so concerned. Thank you for taking the time to check my work. And, thanks for comprehending hyperbole, absurdism, and humor.
Anonymous said…
I'm just saying.