If Only Women Were Good At Research...

Last night the local news (I can't remember which channel, the one with the blonde guy and the brunnette woman as co-anchors) reported the findings of a study done by a magazine. When working women were asked questions regarding their jobs more than 60% said they would love to quit. That it was just a pay check and would prefer to spend more time at home with their families. The news anchors reported this story with an "Aha! Told you so" in their voices. Like, "See we told you women didn't belong in the work place." Damn! You all are right. But we didn't know. Just think if we had been allowed to work all jobs for equal pay from the begining of time not a single bra would have been burned. We would have happily stayed home barefoot and pregnant.

The unfortunate part of this story is that men were not asked the same questions regarding their work life. I think if they had been asked they would have given the same response. Why? Because working sucks. Unless you do something interesting like scientific research or rock star no one likes there job. You think 100 years ago men working in the coal mine loved there work? They used to celebrate as they went off to the mines saying, "Don't let the women folk work in the coal mine. They'll ruin all the fun down here. The coal mine is the best part of my day and I don't need some pushy woman stealing my fun."

But I guess men find working mindlessly in a cube all day way more fullfilling than women do.