Time Keeps on Slipping

There I was working my blue color type day job, where I disconnect computer and then reconnect them after movers have moved the computers to a new location, with a host of other ne'er do wells. You know musicians, grad students, comedians, and key makers. I overheard the conversation of two comedians talking to each other.

Comic 1: Yeah man, I just can't get into watching sports. It's such a waste of time.

Comic 2: Yeah, I know. Like. I don't have three hours of my day to give up to watching a game.

Really guys you can't afford the time? How would you be spending that three hours? I know you'll be curing cancer. Or perhaps ending world hunger. Negotiating peace between the red states and the blue states. What the hell do you do with your life that you can't waste time watching sports. Would it get in the way of your video game playing? I'm not saying that people should watch sports. If you don't like sports that's cool. I'm just saying that having to write jokes that you hope other people will waste their time listening to is a bad excuse.

We're all part of the great distraction.