Maybe not a Bargain but a Fair Price

It's always suprising where I learn things. Today I saw a Chris Christie political ad on TV today. For those of you who don't know Chris Christie is one of several candidates for NJ Governor this year. He is also a man with a parents who aren't so imaginative. Chris Christie really? Is his whole name Christopher Christian Christie? Is John or Robert that hard or something more fun like Mordechi or Anferny.

Anyway, I digress.

In Christie's TV ad he blasts incumbent John Corzine for raising property taxes. Basically the narrator of the ad says something to the effect, "New Jerserians pay more in property taxes than anyone in the country. We have so much corruption." and then something like Corzine sucks. I say New Jersians are getting a lot for their property tax tons of corruption. Maybe those living in Illinois are getting a slight better deal for their corruption but you have to factor in that the cost of living is higher in NJ your corruption is going to cost more. I guess if people in NJ want reduced taxes they should stop splurging on corruption. As much fun as corruption is in these economic daunting times we have to cut somewhere.

Meanwhile I think Christie should have said in his ad "John Corzine worked for Goldman Sachs therefore he's evil incarnate. And, I Chris Christie am a fat tub of goo who is a liar and might be corrupt myself you probably should vote for one of the 6 other candidates on the ballot. I'm Chris Christie and I wish my mom named me something different and I support this ad."