Call Your Congress Person

For those of you who don't know I live in a Caribbean American neighborhood. By observation I'd say that 90 percent of the people living in my neighborhood are from the Caribbean. I have to write that I have found my neighbors to be quite polite and friendly. But for some reason or another many of the take restaurants don't seem to want to serve white folks. I hear'em. I also hate white people. Well, not all white people. Just the white people I know. I also hate the black people I know, which probably why I get along with my neighbors don't really know them. One can't be disappointed by someone who you hold no expectations.

This is not the point. The point is that I suggest that the owners and workers of these food establishments form a coalition and petition the government. The Flatbush Food Workers and Owners Coalition. And what do they want? Simple, they want government to provide job opportunities for white people. It’s clear too many white people can’t afford to live with their own kind and so they’re moving to Flatbush. Not only that, they have the temerity to want to buy jerk chicken or fast food Chinese food blocks from their apartment. What about the members of FFWOC? They don’t want to serve these folks. They don’t want to have to take their money. It’s not fair. FFWOC would also the government to set aside funds for the express purpose of art grants, mostly for music. Help fund musicians who enjoy playing rock and roll, electronica, world music, and whatever else those white people play.

The FFWOC needs these white people empowered and economically able to afford to live somewhere else--someplace where they can patronize white people food places, like Thai restaurants.