House Republicans are Communists. They Have a Bolshevic Agenda

It has been falsely reported that the Republican Party is the party of the rich. Oh contraire. In fact the Republicans are Marxists and are doing all they can to bring about a people's revolution right in here in the US of A.

Since the Republicans gained the majority in the House of Representatives they have been running rampant with their communist agenda. First, they tried emptying the treasury with crazy tax cuts to very rich people. This is to ensure there will be no money for social programs. "Wait," you say, "social programs are communistic." Oh, no they are not social programs were enacted by FDR to fight communism, too many poor and starving people get antsy. Next, the Republicans are trying to ensure that no insurance company will cover abortion on any of the health insurance plans they offer. This is really going to set the ball in motion for a revolution. So basically, the only women who can afford abortions are the rich ones or the ones who have been impregnated by wealthy men.

So there you'll have all these poor people (who aren't going to abstain from sex, you might as well ask a woman to abstain from eating chocolate) getting pregnant and having the babies. Either they'll give the babies up for adoption, where the children will be reared by nuns of the orphanage, or they'll be raised by their own destitute parents. Since eventually food stamps and public schooling will be a thing of the past they'll have nothing to feed these kids and nowhere to send them. Crime will soar. People will be disenfranchised and miserable. Sounds like the turn of the century Russia to me. Next thing you know a few, highly-educated, formerly rich people who idiotically thought they could become professors or artists or something interesting that doesn't involve hedge funds will lead the uneducated starving masses in a communist revolt.

Our new Bolsheviks will drop the iron curtain because they couldn't make a living behind a nylon one bam Communism sweeps the nation. Those Republicans are sneaky. If you want to avoid communism you must pay for all abortions all the time. Right now the federal government doesn't pay for abortions directly. Only communists and Muslim extremists are anti-abortion.

Basically Republicans either want a communist revolution or they really want to adopt a white baby.

**remember if your insurance provider doesn’t cover abortions and you can’t afford to pay for one just continue to sleep with men your family doesn’t approve of. They’ll find the money.