Hodge Podge

I'm scared I made a terrible mistake. I planned a trip out of the country during the time period my internet astrologist wrote, "career opportunities will come my way." I can't believe I've yet again self-sabotaged my career like this. Let us hope there is big time entertainment industry in Peru at the Top of Machu Picchu, or at least an agent on the plane.
Meanwhile, the country seems to have declared wars on teachers. I don't think this really had to do with the budget or unions, I think we hate teachers. It's their own fault really. If they weren't so yelly and demanding while we were in school we probably wouldn't hate them so much. How many of you actually liked being forced to go to school 180 days a year? Exactly, not even the ones who are smart and got good jobs. Of course we think they're stupid and inept they were at school all day for years and years. They only reason we were there was because we were forced to by the government. What kind of an idiot would choose to go to school past 12th grade?

We don't hear so much hub bub over the police and we hate them too. What with them writing us tickets and cheating on their wives. The difference is they have guns. I'm thinking teachers need to get guns. Not only will they get to keep their collective bargaining, but they might actually get the kids to shut-up and learn something.
Sadly, the "Kings Speech" won four Oscars and not the stupid ones, like sound design that no one cares about. It won best lead male actor, best picture, best screenplay, and best director who looks like Jams Cameron. The movie was good and all but we need to ban these back stabby Britts from our award show. I once was in London during the Oscars and I think the "English Patient" won a bunch of awards. All their British papers were so braggy about how awesome Brittish film making is. How superior they are. Sorry that you put all your countries resources into making one film while we make 1 billion films a year. And then the ones who were born over there but live here in the USA they all smile and act polite but that's just to get us to pick up their bar tab and pay for dinner. I read Bonfire of the Vanities. I know how much they truly loathe us and here we are giving them Oscars and the good Oscars at that.

Well, let me tell you something you cheap elitist bastards. Harvey Weinstein, an American (A Jewish one at that), distributed your movie. That's right if it weren't for the Yank you'd have to be all Ani Difranco. Going from town to town living out of your car and screening the movie one half filled coffee house at a time. And can you guys make a movie that takes place in the present?