dodged the bullet

I'm very excited. I got my period today! I know no one wants to hear about my menstruation but i'm excited because it was a little bit late and I had a little bit of unprotected sex...and i don't have $300. Pshew!

I don't know what happened. I used to be such a stickler for the protected sex. My motto "No condom no sex." I remember this one time I was fooling around with this boy and he was like, "We should have sex." I said, "No we can't we don't have a condom." He responded. "Don't worry I'll pull out." I started to worry about how i didn't have the funds to terminate a pregnancy, and how would I ask my parents for that loan. So of course I shared this paranoia with him while we were fooling around because I wanted to make the action that much hotter. My partner, not to be deterred, said, "Well, I'd pay for it." Which was a complete surprise because it wasn't like he had paid for dinner. I thought about the offer. He could pay for an abortion sure or he could...BUY A BOX OF CONDOMS. It's the economical choice really. I mean, I understand that protected sex isn't the most pleasurable thing in the world, but I think it might feel better than, oh, I don't!


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