In the Meantime

Well, I still haven't finished my little essay/story about my flight back from tokyo last week. It was a crazy week. I hope to finish soon and then post something moderately, well written.

Meanwhile, I'm having difficulty with this blog still. I tried posting a picture in my profile space but could not do it. So now there is a random picture post. It is me in an eatery bathroom in New Orleans at Jazzfest 2003. This is my second consecutive year of not going to Jazzfest and that is just unacceptable. Next year, I'll be back!!

Happily, I found myself a bridesmaid last night. I now have someone to throw me shower and a bachlorette party. Now, i just have to find groom. Once he's found I qualify to win fabulous prizes such as blenders, place settings, wine glasses, lengerie, and cold hard cash. But that's not all, also included are several small parties topped off with one huge blow out of a bash.

If interested in being a groom feel free to contact me. You get 20% of the take plus a we'll go halfsies on the trip to warm, possibly-exotic location.

I am so single I have dreams about masturbating. (I wish that was just a joke)


Happy Passover everyone. Eat ice cream instead of bread.