Hand me that Good Hand

There is an insurance company out there called Allstate. I first learned about them on the news. Apparently people in California and New Orleans were pissed at Allstate for not shelling out money for these people's burned and flooded homes respectively. At first I was sympathetic to the customers of Allstate until last week when I saw a commercial for the insurance company. In the commercial the spokesman states, "Just because you have insurance doesn't mean your protected. That's Allstate's stand. You're in good hands with Allstate." Well, Hello people. they tell you right there in their commercial that just because you have insurance doesn't mean you're covered. They spent a lot of money and went through a lot of trouble to advertise the fact that they don't believe in helping their customers. That's not even fine print.

Shame on you Californians and Gulf Coast residents for harassing a very open and honest corporation.