No More Miracles in Mudville

Watching this year's Olympic Games I find myself longing for the past. Back in the good old days we were able to win symbolic athletic victories over our enemies. But Germany is no longer run by Nazis, so who cares if our black track stars run rings around the competition. The Soviet Union has fallen, no more unbelievable hockey games. Al Queda really does suck. They don't even have the decency to put together an Olympic team. Wouldn't it be great to watch our red white and blue win a dramatic and symbolic victory over the Al Queda basketball team. They would be the best basketball team in the world and our unbearded basketball upstarts win a dramatic victory in the final seconds.

I see Kurt Russel playing the Pete Jackson, Pat Riley, or whomever the coach is of our underdog ragtag basketball USA basketball team, in the Disney produced movie. Maybe Hanna Montana could play the love interest.

The reason the Iranians don't have an Olympic softball team is because they have no lesbians in their country.
Who is scared that Phelps is going to be found out for doping?