The Roethlisberger Conundrum

This coming Sunday the Jets will play Steelers in the AFC championship game. I'm rooting for the Jets. Not because I'm a Jets fan or that I live in NYC, but because I want to see the rapey Roethlisberger go down. (I have heard hearsay evidence that Mark Sanchez's past isn't so clean either, but I'll wait to hold judgement until it gets national press.) I've mentioned this reasoning to several people throughout my travels. It seems that I'm the only woman out there without a rape fantasy. Ick.

First off, if your fantasizing about something then you want it and it can't be rape. Secondly, if I did have a rape fantasy it wouldn't be with Ben Roethlisberger, I'm Giants fan. And thirdly, I don't have rape fantasies. Maybe a cuddle fantasy with Ben Kingsley. He's kind of small I guess I'd be spooning him. Would he be dressed as Ghandi? Or would he be dressed like the villian from Sneakers, with that little, cute poney-tail?