This Just In: Task Force Arrests Wrong Criminals in Economy Debacle

Have you heard the news? The Feds, NJ State Police, NYC police, and some law enforcement group joined forces to arrest the mobsters and members of Mafia crime families. During the press conference a spokesperson for the joint task force mentioned the damage these mobsters did the economy. The spokesperson also mentioned scams these people pulled on citizens with low credit scores, and the siphoning of funds from labor unions. Wait a minute. Does the US Attorney's office have the right guys? This sounds awfully like Wall Street.

1. Ruined the economy? Check
2. Scammed citizens with low credit scores? Can you say subprime mortgages? Can you say mortgage backed securities?
3. Injured labor unions? Well, if you think about how wall street sold state and city governments a bunch of worthless bonds for the past 2-3 decades, and how state and city government took pension funds that were marked for public sector workers who are all unionized, and now state coffers are empty and they can't pay the pensions to public employees, then I'd say, "check."

Our only hope is that the US attorney's office picked up these mobsters on murder and drug charges in effort to get them to testify to the bankers they sell their cocaine to.