Sick and Tired of Being Sick

I've been sick for 3 weeks. Finally, today I feel like I'm on my way to true recovery. The whole ordeal was very demoralizing. This scares me, because if I can't handle three weeks of the flu how the hell am I going to deal with cancer?

Granted, when you have cancer doctors hospitalize you at times, but that just means you get visitors. When you have a head cold no one visits you. Everyone fears that they'll catch whatever it is you have. With the flu no one tells you how brave you are that you even showed up to work. They're just pissed you're going to get them sick. “Well, I’d love to stay home guys, really I would but I’m a part time hourly worker, if I don’t show up I don’t get paid, and that Theraflu isn’t going to pay for itself is it.” When you have the flu you have to make your own soup, with cancer the hospital makes you the soup, but it's going to be uneatable. I guess in the case of soup it's a wash. With the flu there are no nurses as you cough and cough and cough in the privacy of your own, lonely bedroom. No. It’s just you and your roommates who are keeping their distance as to not catch it. They trail behind you spraying Lysol. The meds are milder with a respiratory infection, but you can't prescription for marijuana either. And I'll tell you what that day time child's Triaminic messed me up something fierce. I felt nauseas and edgy, I couldn't sleep. Granted if I were in the hospital the Triaminic would have cost me $30.

I understand that my point is a bit muddle. I think in the end it would be nice if people weren't so scared of the common cold and would come over and watch some play off football with you or something because you're too weak to go out. Maybe make you some matzo ball soup, so you don't have to summon the strength with two days of sleeping before you find the will to chop a carrot. The visitors can wear a surgical mask, that's fine. Oh forget it.