Just Another Conversation

Here is a dialogue between two people who make-up a romantic couple.

Girlfriend: You burned up your wife and kids for? Sheesh. That's a little much.

Boyfriend: Well, you said you needed to know that I cared about you. Not just me saying so.

Girlfriend: Yeah...Well... I meant like answer my emails in a timely fashion and be excited to see me.

Boyfriend: Now you tell me. (exasperated.) I was just trying to do something nice.

Girlfriend: (Yielding) Alright. Thank you. It was very thoughtful. I wasn't really ready for this kind of committment, but I guess here we are.

Boyfriend: Are you kidding me? Jesus Christ! You know I actually kind of liked my family. This wasn't some cavelier jesture.

Girlfriend: No, it's fine. I said thank you. But can I just suggest that if during the coarse of our relationship you wind up meeting someone you like better than me, and she wants some proof of your affection, maybe you could just break-up with me or get her some flowers.

Boyfriend: Flowers? Really? That's a little cliche and any schlub could by flowers.

Girlfriend: Get creative carve some flowers out of chocolate.

Boyfriend: Great. So what you're saying is you would have prefered chocolate flowers. I just can't do anything right.

Girlfriend: You're so over dramatic. I didn't say that. I'm just asking you a favor for the future.

Boyfriend. OK. Fine. (Pause) So we're going steady now?

Girlfriend: Of course. A man burns his family for you you go steady with him. What am I not polite?