Just a Few Thoughts

**Turns out Hilary Clinton was the New England Patriots of the Democratic Party Presidential primary contest. She was favored by two touchdowns and winds up losing by a field goal. Though, we must admit Obama is a much better public speaker than Eli Manning.

**There is one major STD that they never discuss in high school health class--the common cold. There is no prophylactic for that one.

**My boyfriend Jack and I have decided that I should consider going on hormonal birthcontrol. Our previous method of birthcontrol, abortion, has just become too expensive. Did you know they make "the pill" in chewable form? It's great this way all those grade schoolers having sex these days have real birthcontrol options. Unfortunately, the pills aren't in the shape of any fun cartoon characters.

**My friend Julien Marques was asked how much he loved America. He answered, "Enough to sleep with America. I don't know if I'd call the next day."