We should not be shocked that Hilary Clinton did not win her party's nomination. She is a woman and it is very difficult for people (both male and female) to elect a woman to a position of power. Why? Simply because in this country women are the primary care-givers to children. Meaning, we grow up being nagged, disciplined, harassed, and forced to eat vegetables by women. Therefore, we have a negative connotation to women. If we have the option to between a man or a woman to elect most of us who were raised primarly by a woman are going to vote for a man. When we hear a man speak we don't automatically thing asparagus. It is asparagus that is keeping women out of positions of power.

I know that in some households the father is the disciplinarian, but that usually means he's the spanker or belt whipper of the children. But these kids who eventually grow-up to be voters will also vote male because if it wasn't for their mothers informing their fathers' of their bad behavior no one would have gotten spanked. If mom could have just kept her mouth closed regarding your abstract crayola wall mural 33 years ago no blood would have been shed.

"But, Rachael, the Brits elect women. And they're not so terribly different than us." Yes, it's true that the Brits speak English like we do and they pay their women less money than men on average, but they also don't raise their children. People in England send their kids away to boarding school at a very young age. So all they know of both mummy and daddy is that they've shoved their parental duties on to educations institutions. And that is why you never see a school master elected to Prime Minister over their.

So inconclusion. Women will never be elected president until men start doing most of the raising of this nation's children. I hope for a world where men and women equally share the parental duties and then no one is elected.