Everyday is Sunshine

I'm becoming fake and I'm loving it. I wish someone told me how great this was years ago. For those few of a you who are still messing around with sincerity let me tell you fake is so much easier. There is so little effort involved. “Hello, you look great.” There is no “Hello, (pause to notice the state of the person and then comment.) Are you feeling OK.” Al you have to do is say flattering nice things all the time and they don't even have to make sense and people love you for it. “Hello. Wow, you've gotten taller.” “Really? I'm 55.” “I guess it's that amazing posture stacked on top of that terrific smile.” When dealing with comedians I no longer listen to anyone's set I just say they're amazing and funny. It's like a huge weight has been lifted. No more thinking, no more stress from the aftermath of a truthful statement.
It has occurred to me why fat people have a stereo-type of being jolly. I think they're just formerly skinny, fake people. The problem is fake burns so few calories you have to cut down on your food intake or go to a completely fake food diet or taste-delight and non-fat lactose free milk. And it's no wonder thin women are known as skinny bitches. Of course they're bitches how else do they keep off the weight. Observing the truth, stating the truth and then dealing with the aftermath of that truth. You'd have to eat a 2lb steak every night to add some weight to that life style.