Time Machine TV

I have just begun watching "Mad Men" via my Netflix account. For those not familiar with the show here is a brief summary. It's about an advertising company and its employees set in 1960 (well the first season is, each subsequent season is the following year -- so I have read). The white protestant characters bandy about drinking alcohol all day (yes, even when it's day light) and smoke cigarettes even when they're pregnant. Women are openly treated like sex objects and stupid inept subhumans. Black people only exist in menial jobs. The modern day viewer watches and thinks, "Oh my god! I can't believe the world was like this."

I started to think what a TV show made in 2050 about people in 2009 would be like to the contemporaries of the future. Would the viewers be like "Oh my god! I can't believe people actually ate at McDonalds. How crazy they're always supersizing. I'm suprised they can make it from their car to the elevator in the office building without keeling over." "Oh yeah, my mom told me how all the kids were on pychiatric medicines then. How funny." "Can you believe meth wasn't legal. How did they get anything accomplished. Hand me my dentures would you."