If We Made Bank Exec Play Wii We'd Know if They Should be Allowed to Run Investment Banks

Between healthcare, auto company bailouts, and bankers all I hear in the news lately is how we need competition. Competition makes everything better. Competition is awesome. Really? Let's talk about competition.

Today I sit at this computer sore. No I'm not sore from riding my bike 15 miles on Saturday. I'm sore from playing Wii (the video game system). I was challenged to Wii box. I lost all three of matches to three separate people. My loss wasn't from a lack of trying. I have never in all my karate training never punched at the air so hard or so fast as I did playing Wii boxing. All I wanted to do was knock my friends heads off. I failed miserably. I was dumbfounded as I to how I could lose to these three people. It was bullshit. Utter bullshit. I hit my competitive apex. I was on the verge of challenging these three to an actual in reality boxing contest. Then we'd see who the real champion is. I didn't thank god. I wouldn't have felt better punching Melinda in the face. Well, it would have of course, but then seeing her on the floor in a puddle of her own blood her nose all deformend. I would have felt really bad. Victorious but bad.

And that's my point. Yeah, maybe competition leads to a better automobile, but sometimes it just leads to bloody noses, and industrial espionage.