So Don't Get Sick

Why is my post so late in the morning today. Well, I've been on the phone with my health insurance company trying to rectify a billing discrepancy. Let me tell you I am so glad that there isn't a bureaucratic standing between me and my doctor. It's much better to have a cube monkey working for a multi-million dollar corporation be the bridge between me and my doctor.

Insurance companies just want the best for us. That is why they keep us on the phone with their employees for so long. As I sit on the phone watching my cell phone minutes rack up and my phone battery deplete I think of all the things I could be doing with my time right now. And I get angry at myself for going to the doctor. It is then that I resolve to not get sick again.

If it weren't for the benevolent Insurance company wasting my time and threatening to charge me more than they should I would not dedicate myself to a healthier safer lifestyle.

God Bless Big Business.