Are There Sports Fans in Heaven?

A fan of the NY Football Giants died earlier this week. His death has made me really think about death and the afterlife. Now that he's gone I wondered if his spirit will help the Giants defeat the Eagles this coming Sunday. That'd be a nice gesture. But then I realized that people die everyday all over the world even in Philadelphia. I'm sure there are Eagles fans that have died this week. Won't these people's spirit be trying to help the Eagles win this Sunday? Then you have to wonder if the deceased in Dallas are now plotting to collapse Giants Stadium Sunday night. If the teams can't play they can't overtake the Cowboys as the leaders of NFC East. But if Giants and Eagle players die wouldn't they plot to destroy the new Cowboys $1 billion stadium.

So inconclusion, I'm guessing the dead don't care about sports after they have died. Heaven is supposed to be peaceful and there is nothing peaceful about being a sports fan.