The Valor

I opened up my web browser to read "Family-ties Mom, 'I'm a lesbian." I take that too mean Meredith Baxter is gay. Wowy. This is almost as interesting as when Lilian Tomlin came out of the closet a year or two ago. Sorry ladies but you missed the boat. No one cares if actors are gay anymore. Sure certain people care if you get married but none of care if you're gay. If you wanted this public outing of your romantic and sexual life to mean something you should have done it 20 years ago when you were a national celebrity who had something to lose and the attitudes towards gays was different. You coming out now is like me hopping a plane this afternoon to Germany, standing in the middle of Berlin and saying, "I'm a Jew! I'm a Jew!" I'm sure some Germans still think Jews are money-grubbing, disease-cariers but they've come to terms with the fact that we live among them.

All I'm saying is that you don't see Tom Cruise publicly declaring his homesexuality. Maybe because he still works regularly and doesn't need the publicity.

I'm just saying you're not brave. It's not news, get over yourself.