You want to know why the public school system is failing our youth? Well, you've clicked to the right place. After conducting a three day study where I taught a handful of 2nd-5th graders a 40 minute, non-academic class I have found the answer. We're never going to find good teachers. Why? Because no one who has any other skill would chose to surround themselves with children. The idea of hiring "good" or "better" teachers is like saying, let's find better fast food employees. Just as fast food is a last resort for teenagers and the mentally handi-cap so is teaching for the adult worker.

It is unnatural to have a room full of children. No one has given birth to 35 children. Not even back in the day when we needed farm labor. At most you had 13 kids who not be the same age. Whoever came up with the idea of school was looking for a break from their own offspring. Now, the kids I studied, are delightful, on an individual level. Most children are great by themselves or in couples. Why? Because we, as adults are bigger than them. They no we could crush with our pinkies. Unfortunately, children much like the Bonobo monkey females use their numbers to overpower the much larger yet solitary adult put in charge of them.

How to fix the situation.

Home school for everyone. This of course also has the added benefit of reducing the population. If people had to actually spend time with their own children they probably wouldn't have any.