Gulf Coast Housing Relocation

So everything I've tried writing about Katrina and my memories of New Orleans just seems trite and saccrine and bullshit. So I'll donate my money and I'll post a relocating related email my friend from Baton Rouge sent me and like the rest of us who are fortunate enough not to have had to endure this I'll continue to discuss Katrina with my friends and family because that's what we do. But I'm not writing jokes about it, and not going to post self-indulgent memories of one of my favorite cities, not tonight anyway. But I will be posting something non-related, because I'm lucky enough to have the luxury to sit in my apartment and write something silly.

Katrina Housing Help
Message: Please forward this list to anyone in the
Southeast (or anywhere else in the country---I'm
sure some people will be relocating farther out
than just the South) who you think may be willing
and able to provide shelter, for any length of
time, to those displaced by the hurricane on the
Gulf Coast. If you are able to provide housing AT
ALL, for ANY length of time, please create a
listing on these sites. I know it seems like a big
commitment to make, and it is, but really, most of
these people are absolutely devastated---no house,
no job, nothing to go back to at all, even if they
ever do get to go back---and they need all the
help they can get. or 888-827-2525

Check the wiki for updates
to this list, as well as
in general and this thread in particular:


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