Gvetch and more Gvetching

Natural History magazine sent me a renewal notice. With the notice came a letter trying to guilt me into renewing my subscrission and Natural History Museum memembership. "Today, as losses to habitats and plant and animal species accelerate, our responsiblity to stay informed is of more profound importance than ever before." Then I thought how many trees do you kill, Natural History Magazine with your glossy paper publication? And how many habitats did you destroy and animals did you displace when you built your huge Natural History Museum on 6th Avenue? I hate to break it to you guys but Manhattan was not originally an island of building and concrete. In fact there were once trees other places than central park and other animals besides rats and pigeon. In fact there were no rats and pigeons.

Then I thought I'm an asshole. Everytime someone has an opinion or takes a stance I try to find where their hypocrisy instead of applauding their efforts. I got all mad at a Natural History, a magazine I've subscribed to for ten years, just because they're trying to keep me as a customer. So they're being a slightly hypocritical. Since when do I care about habitats and animal extinction? It's not like I live in a teepee. They wouldn't have resorted to these tactics of self-ritgeousness and politics if I had just renewed my subscrption with the first renewal notice. In fact, they would have wasted less paper, hence killing less trees, if I stopped procrastinating and just renewed my subscription when they first asked. Let's face it I never ordered the magazine I'd be doing the planet a big service that's 12 less magazines a year printed and 1/50th a tree saved.
How Katrina has screwed it up for everyone else.
This week WGBO, a public radio station out of Newark, NJ that plays Jazz, has been fund raising for...THEMSELVES!!! I thought how could any organization dare ask the public for money when the gulf coast and it's people have been destroyed. And who can afford to give to the jazz station and a Katrina fund? It's like "Oh hey, you have $40 to become a member of WGBO? Why didn't you give that $40 bucks to a Katrina fund, asshole! How dare you support the arts, you facist!" I also recieved notice of a Lupus research benefit for next week. I was like why isn't this a Katrina benefit? Lupus has had it's day in the sun. Lupus has been around hundreds of years and if you people haven't cured it yet, who says you ever will! People just throwing their money at a pipe dream. Besides that what people haven't already given all their discrentionary income to Katrina?

But soon the Katrina folks are going to get a taste of their own medicine. Rita is supposed to hit Texas sometime tomorrow and destroy cities and towns. Katrina's well is going to run dry after that devastation.

Then I thought why the hell do we pay taxes? Why does WGBO have to beg a like a toothless homeless person to keep it's station afloat? And why is Lupus dependent on some comedy show with comedians none of us have ever heard of? OK I've heard of them but that's because we go through the same temp agency. Don't get me wrong I hate taxes and actually don't believe in them and yet despite my disbelief they seem to exist. Despite me telling the taxes they'll never amount to anything, they continue to grow. And so, if I'm going to be forced to pay them they might as well go to good use like Jazz and disease research.