Immature Adults or Are They Just Growning Up So Fast?

Last weekend I spent sometime with my 9-year-old cousin. We talked about whether or not playing real guitar was easier than Guitar Hero. For Guitar Hero was easier the neck of the guitar for the game fits in her hand better than a real guitar. For me I found actual guitar playing easier as I have yet to memorize the colors on the neck of the guitar hero guitar. Then we talked about bowling, comic books, sports. That's when I told her there isn't much difference between you and my 30-something friends. Her eyes grew big, "Really?" Yeah. The only difference is they're taller and have jobs and you don't have debt. Isn't that funny? They work and have negative money, and you, cousin, don't work and have some money.

My cousin responded, "I don't know what you're talking about." And neither do my friends.