A Pun for Friday

Have you heard of that term friends with benefits? It's a stupid term. Benefits doesn't mean what the people using this term want it to mean. Benefits means a 401K package and health insurance. You've never had a job where the Human Resources manager explains your benefit package as 2 weeks paid vacation, 3 sick days, 5 nipple twist, and couple of blow jobs. No. A friend with benefits is a friend you marry so that you can be covered by his/her health insurance plan.

If you are having sex with your friend that means you are dating. Just because you go dutch when you're at the bar or you are sleeping with people other people who are not your friend but are less than friends/more than acquantances doesn't make you not dating your friend. It makes you either a) polyamorous or b)cheating on the person you are dating.

And that's today's lesson.