Bread and Football (Baseball too)

Let’s talk NY sports for a minute. 1st let’s take the last Yankee game at Yankee Stadium. After the game, the tears, and the ceremony 12 fans were arrested for attempting to steal parts of the stadium. How dare they?! The old Yankee Stadium wasn’t paid with these tax-payer’s money. The tax payers who paid for the building of the old stadium have died long ago. However, I see no problem if these fans wanted to go across the street to the New Yankee stadium and take a little piece home with them. After all, all of us tax paying New Yorkers including my mother living in NJ have paid a few hundred million to the new stadium. George Steinbrenner and family can’t have us arrested for taking something we bought. I don’t know why we bought it we had a perfectly fine stadium filled with nostalgia, American Lore, and guy wrenching sentiment that is already in the south Bronx not revitalizing the neighborhood. But that’s just the way we tax payers roll. We’re rich, extravagant and love to help those less fortunate than us like the Steinbrenners and the NY Yankees organization. It is apparent that the Yankees need a stadium with fewer seats that cost more money to reserve for a game.

Meanwhile across the river in East Rutherford, NJ the NY Football Giants played their second home game to an average Cincinnati Bengals team. The Giants almost lost the game. Why? For one Eli wasn’t passing very well, but also there wasn’t much fan noise. In American football fan noise is essential in helping the home team win. The noise the fans create makes it difficult for the opposing team to hear each other’s communication wreaking havoc on their game plan and causing penalties. Is that the Giant’s fans are too hung over on a Sunday afternoon to yell, scream, cheer and stomp their feet? Or perhaps the complexion of the fan attending a Giants game has changed.

You see, The Giants and Jets are also building a new stadium right next to their old stadium. The new stadium is going to cost a pretty penny so to raise money the Giants and Jets have raised their prices considerably. First off, you have to pay a few thousand dollars just for the right to buy season tickets. Then tickets are like $100 +/ticket, add on to that a pricey (somewhere around $20-35) for a parking pass per game. Who the hell can afford to go to a game? Plenty of upper middle class and rich people. Now, I don’t have a problem with the upper middle class and rich on an individual basis. I’m not a bigot. Rich people can be just as big of dicks as poor people. However, it’s a known fact that rich people don’t yell in large groups. They only yell in board meetings and at their administrative assistants. Rich people aren’t going to make fools of themselves and be undignified in public they have too much to lose. Where as poor people are poor and all they have to loose is their debt.

Imagine the CEO of some corporation seen on national TV by some of his employees watching at home or at bar (far from ear shot of the visiting team) without his shirt on screaming his head off. Do you think that CEO is going to be respected by his underlings the next day? Mass financial chaos. Or what if a congressman was seen in body paint? People would lose total faith in the democratic process.

People we have a crisis. The economy is going to shit millions will be out of work. When this happened in Rome they gave the proletariat the Collesium and gladiator matches for an affordable fee. This distracted them from the misery and hunger that was their lives. No riots from the poor. In the modern error it’s all screwed up. How are the Giants going to win another Championship if the drunken, raucous, free-spirited, hooligan can not afford to go to the game?

Save professional sports and you save America!