Pardon? Can You Say that Again?

I recently returned from my vacation to Scotland and Ireland. Europe figured to be a great place for a vacation. I thought it'd be empty and there for serene because all the Europeans are now living in Manhattan. Turns out there are still some people living Europe, but that didn't stop the good times.
My first stop was Edinburgh, Scotland. My fiance James and I stayed in a hostel there on the outskirts of town. I know you're thinking, Rachael you're 31 aren't you a little old for a hostel. Not true. I'm very youthful. I live a very young existance. I feel like I'm 22 especially when I look at my paycheck. Also staying in our room was a young Lithuanian couple and 12 other people. I struck up a conversation with the Lithuanians. It turns out they just came from the Highland, which is where James and I were going to stop next. She was nice enough to share her experience with us.
She said in her Lithuanian accent, "Yes, it was very beautiful there. But the midgets were fierce. They just attack you where ever you go?"
Befuddled, I questioned, "What? Midgets? They attack you."
"Oh yes. All the time. They have a real midget problem."
"They have more than one midget?" I've never really heard of a place that had a large population of little people. Midgets are like lepars. They don't have their own colonies. I couldn't fathom any one place having more than 6. Tops.
She continued, "Yes, they're awful and everywhere."
"Wait. I minute. Midgets? M. I. D. G. E. T. S.? Like people who are 4 feet tall?"
"Oh no. " She laughed. "Miggess."
"What the hell is a migge?"
"It's a little black bug."
"Oh. Little bugs not a little people."