When Does the 21st Century Arrive

So here I am sitting in a cube at one of the last financial companies left standing. And these barbarians have me arriving at 8am. No. I don't awake at 8am to get here at a more human hour I have to be at my desk at 8am. My question is "Why?" Are we farming? Do we need the day light to harvest the crops? If the sunlight were actually important to their business then I'm sure there'd be a skylight from floor 55 to the lobby. There is no such hole in this electictricity sucking high rise.

I can print documents and answer the phone at anytime of day say like 11am. Yes. Instead of 8-5pm I should be allowed to come in later like 11am. 11am is much more civilized. Start work at 11am. Worki 11am-3pm. 4 hours seems perfect.


craig said…
You ever read Confederacy of Dunces?
I could see you leading a strike.
Hope your valves are clear and open.
rachael said…
Indeed I've read Confederacy of Dunces. Frighteningly, I found myself relating to Ignatious.

Craig, it is my dream to lead a strike.