Somewhere Between Depressing and Funny

I’m temping again and doing a miserable job of it. I think first to be blamed should be the people who force me to be here at 8am. It’s an ungodly inhumane hour to begin work. I think there might be a good chance I’ll be fired from this one. Yesterday, I was asked to print clear labels and then place those labels on mini post-its. I did it. However, I didn’t line up the labels perfectly and the woman training me stayed late to redo them. My life is failure. At the age of 31 I can not expertly perform kindergarten arts and crafts skills.

I should have become an archeologist. Sure I’d still only be making 20K a year but at least it would have been intellectually engaging. You’re saying. “Rachael, it’s not too late go back to school become an archeologist.” Can I leave the bus stop that is my life and start walking to my destination? You know I’ve been waiting for this comedy/temping bus for a good 40 minutes. It’s hard to pull myself away from the bus stop, because now I have that feeling once I do the bus will come and I’ll be walking for two hours when I could have been on the bus for 35 minutes. My HBO special or extremely cushy office job is just running late and should be here any minute. And, well my feet are tired of standing for 40 minutes. To now have to walk on them for two hours. Oh god.

Let us pray that no-one here google searches me this weekend.